Summer Language Enrichment 2020 available at your school. You must contact your director for availability

              Language Enrichment/Vocabulary Building

                           Summer Program 2020/virtual due to COVID 19

Who: All students 4 years old and up

        Speech Language Pathologist: Nancy Moses-Bennett CCC/SLP Certified Licensed Speech Language Pathologist with 30 years of experience. Available for parent/teacher/director conference upon request.  

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What: Two, one hour lessons weekly with a speech language pathologist, teaching the children to use the EET  (Expanding Expression Tool) to define words and build vocabulary.

 Where: your school

 When: 4 weeks in the summer dates to be determined. 8 sessions total.

 Why: Rich vocabulary results in improved reading and receptive and expressive/oral language/speaking skills. All children benefit from language enrichment (children with delays as well as children with average abilities).

 Cost: $80.00 Dollars per student (includes 8, 1 hour sessions over 4 weeks).