Puzzle Play

Puzzles Simplified 

Using square or rectangle puzzles

1-Put puzzle together on your own first.

2-Pick up one piece at a time row by row.

3-As you pick up each piece in row 1 mark the back with a 1 until whole row is complete.

4-Put a rubber band around the row.

5-Do the same for each row untill each row is banded individually.

6- Store puzzle with each row banded.

7- When you are ready to play with the person with language impairment do 1

row at a time. You could hand her or him the whole row to assemble or just 2

pieces that interlock at a time, building the puzzle 1 row at a time.

     It is easiest  to give them 2 pieces at a time. If they are up for the

challenge you can give them the whole row. Keeping the puzzle stored this way

makes it quicker for you and easier for them to participate.


     - Mystery Bag

     put items in a sack and have child reach in and
“feel” one and try to name it before looking at it.

Go Fish

Deal as few as three and as many as seven cards from an old maid deck or any deck o picture cards in pairs. once everyone has 3-7 cards the remaining cards ae placed face down on the table. Take turns asking "Do you have a___?" making sure you make a complete sentence. if the person being asked has the card then he gives it to the one asking. If not he says "go fish " and the one asking must "fish" from the deck of cards on the table. Game keeps going around untill all cards are gone from the deck AND all pairs are found. The one with the most pairs wins the game.

 -Memory Match

    Pairs of cards face down turn over 2 at a time or 10 at a time. Talk about the items as you turn them over (category, function, physical feature, what is it made of, parts that go with it, where to you see it or keep it)

 -Make your own book see pictures below.

   nice stickers (felt/3 D)  from Michaels , 4x6 photo album, pictures from magazines and catalogues, of kids dong things, or of your own child/family. I made some to show you.  Talk about the pictures. 

Here is a website with game suggestions.


Make your own book
Where is the rooster?
The rooster is on the house.
Where is the horse?
One is in the barn and one is next to the barn.