I am available to do presentations for small groups such as; day care providers pre schools and the parents they serve as well as home care agencies and their families served. I supply ideas and strategies that will enable you or your staff to incorporate language into your clients' daily routines, that will provide them with a language rich environment. I suggest activities, toys and materials in addition to pastimes in order to keep people communicating to the best of their ability. I am focused on providing speech language consulting services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Potential clients



 •   Anyone with a speech/ language/communication disorder who no longer qualifies for direct services for such reasons as " ...maximum potential has been met...."

 •   Anyone who is currently receiving therapy but needs specific suggestions for home implementation of a communication program.

 •   Anyone with a loved one in a skilled care or assisted living facility that needs suggestions for improved communication or to establish appropriate pastimes for the resident, and the caregivers who service them.



 •   Daycare providers who are looking to adequately train staff to facilitate language development from birth to 5 years. Small group trainings are available to caretakers and parents.

 •   Parents with developmentally delayed children who are in need of specific activities to stimulate language development.

 •   Parents with typically functioning, babies or schools age children, needing suggestions for --     speech/ language improvement, creating a language-rich environment at home and suggestions for toys that foster development of; creativity, language and cognition.